I added a user to the Active Directory in the previous article, so now it’s time to add a computer. This’ll require another operating system! I downloaded an Evaluation of Windows 10 Enterprise here. Here’s one of the earlier images from getting the VirtualBox instance running:


Once I got the new Windows 10 Enterprise instance up and running I added it to the example.com domain that the Windows Server 2012 AD instance is running:


I used the jared administrator instance as the credentials for joining the example.com domain.


Changing a domain requires a restart, so I rebooted the system before making any other changes. Remember how this was in the Windows 10 Enterprise system? Well, now it’s time to switch over into the Windows Server 2012.

I went into the Active Directory Administrative Center > Lab > Computers and found my Windows 10 Enterprise OS as a new computer. You can tell it’s the same OS cause it has the matching name of “lab-win-10-01” from above: