• Are you bored with science and/or math?
  • Is there a new concept that is tanking your grades?
  • Looking for a knowledgeable, skilled, entertaining tutor?

I’m confident that I can teach you physics, math, biology, & chemistry! :D

Science Skills

I minored in physics while getting a bachelors degree in biochemistry, so I’ve got a solid theoretical knowledge of all the major science topics. More importantly, I worked as an Oncology Research Associate for five years! Here are some impressive accomplishments from my science career:

Finally, I know how to fill a whiteboard with fancy science-y stuff.

^ But, you won’t need to worry about things getting that complicated or boring … because:

I Make Science Fun!

Did you know that it’s possible to make edible glow-in-the-dark drinks?!?

I’m a huge comedy nerd, so you know I had to get a rubber chicken for my workstation!

^ Fans of the show Breaking Bad will catch the Heisenberg reference from the upper-left ;)

Here’s me posing like a secret agent with an electronic pipette (it measures volumes accurately).


I charge at a baseline rate of $30/hour. Rates are dependent upon:

  • The topic that you need help with
    • I have nearly 10 years of biology experience, so I am extremely confident with that material. However, I only minored in physics … so I won’t be as graceful there.
  • The location that you need
    • I typically tutor at the Los Gatos library, but we could meet somewhere else.
  • The level of support that you need
    • Where are you at with baseline understanding? Do I need to prepare specialized lessons for you? Do you need help designing extra credit projects?

Contact Me

Message me at:

  • email@davehalvorsen.tech